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Services We Offer

So you've got a stunning design in mind, perhaps need a practical staircase to suit your specific needs or have no idea where to start, our range of services not only includes the professional manufacture but also the complete design and installation. We follow the below steps to ensure you end with the very best stair installation possible.

We accept work for a number of scenarios including staircases for and in new builds, replacements, loft conversions and listed buildings.

Staircase Materials

Being able to work with a number of materials is of great benefit to our customers. The extra detailing we can provide by using a number of different materials in one staircase design can really make the design stand out. Just a small selection of the materials on offer:

concreate stairs

We can provide tread infills of your choice varying from :- Wood, stone, carpet. We do usually leave this to our clients as this enables them to continue with their existing flooring but can provide this service also.

The two most common materials used in stair manufacture are listed below and each has its own benefits and reason for use.

Metal Staircases

When it comes to metal stair fabrication we are experts. From small detailing to full metal staircases regardless of type we can help in all stages. Having worked on plenty of projects for both home and office implementation if you looking for a metal staircase come to speak to us.

Glass Staircases

Whilst its possible to have a complete glass staircase this is typically used to provide a stylish finish, often with metal frames. Tinted glass is often popular bringing added colour to a new feature staircase.

Types of Staircases

Although we offer a huge range of staircases to help cater for all forms of budgets, needs and requirements we often get customers ask for the below when contacting us.

Straight Flight Staircase

Straight flight staircases can give a very contemporary and simplistic design, however, then can sometimes be limited in height. In this case we can incorporate quarter or half landings, or even winder treads to reduce the space occupied by the staircase.

Helical Staircases

A helical staircase will lead you upstairs in a flowing arc layout. These feature staircases can really change a feel within a room.

Multi-flight Staircase

This type of staircase incorporates a number of flights which connect to two or more flights.

Spiral Staircase

This type of staircase is one that is normally situated in a circular stairwell and winds around a central pole.

Cantilevered Staircase

A cantilevered staircase assumes no visible support, however, treads are usually supported by a hidden stringer within the wall.